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Growth or Expansion Innovative Advancement

mobile app development company

WE DEVELOP branded and customized mobile apps and websites for schools, districts and associations.

education mobile app development

WE UNIFY communications across multiple platforms and devices.

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WE FUEL engagement and connections between parents, students, teachers, school leaders, key stakeholders and communities.

Our Core Values
education mobile app development
education mobile app development
school apps development
school apps development
Our Story


Crescerance began its journey in 2011 with the simple idea of wanting to make it easier for schools to truly connect and engage with students, parents, staff, alumni and the community at large. That’s how embr came to be, ensuring every stakeholder could be connected through a mobile app, while offering quick and easy access to the information they needed most.

As time went on, our school partnerships strengthened beyond the actual development of their branded and customized mobile school apps. Time and time again we would meet students that had a keen interest in not just utilizing the app, but eager to learn more about the actual creation process. We heard the same enthusiasm from teachers that were intent on bringing a learning app development perspective to their students.

This is how MAD-learn was born…from the curiosity of our students, from their quest to know and absorb more and from our passion to feed that curiosity.

As we remain steadfast in our strategic growth of product offerings, solutions and the individuals and markets we serve, a model of engagement and innovation will always be at the forefront.

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our promise

WE PROMISE to be passionate, innovative, results-driven and above all things, curious.

WE PROMISE to continually act responsibly and in the best interest of those we serve.

WE PROMISE to deliver keen business acumen and entrepreneurial technology
solutions to those in the education and association sectors, and beyond.

WE PROMISE to consistently review our operations to ensure that our
systems, processes and services meet high industry standards.

WE PROMISE to stay true to the core values that define our actions.

school apps development company
Our Team
Executive Leadership
mobile app development company

Namit Bhatia

Chief Executive Officer

Namit has a track record of identifying problems across industries, from the IOT, FinTech and currently EDTech, by inventing technical solutions to address issues at scale. As a strategic visionary, he thinks outside of the box and is ahead of his time. He constantly drives global development teams to rise to the challenge and execute on solutions that shift industries. In the past decade, he single-handedly invented and launched 6 products, three of which were during his tenure at Yahoo. <read more>

Currently, he is at the helm of the Atlanta-based Crescerance, an emerging EdTech company as CEO. Crescerance increases communication and engagement for parents of schools and districts by providing customized Mobile App solutions for iPhones, Android, and Windows devices. Since their inception, they have experienced 3x revenue growth and won Best Mobile Startup from the Atlanta Mobile Marketing Association.


school apps development

Bob Walton

Chief Revenue Officer

Bob has over 20 years’ experience as a proven sales leader with a track record of successfully leading teams and scaling SaaS companies. Prior to joining Crescerance, Bob founded a bootstrapped SaaS CRM & Marketing platform (BigContacts) and took it from idea to exit. Today, BigContacts serves 1,000+ small business customers in a hyper-competitive market with very well-funded competitors. (BigContacts was acquired by a private equity firm in June 2017)<read more>

At Crescerance, Bob is responsible for optimizing several operational areas to enable the company to efficiently scale and reach aggressive growth targets. Bob works closely with three teams to fuel this growth:

• Marketing team: Optimize content creation program to effectively demonstrate thought leadership, engage prospects and generate qualified leads.

• Sales team: Apply a “Predictable Revenue” model that will generate a consistently growing pipeline of qualified leads (lead velocity) and new sales.

• Customer Success team: Employ new systems and technology to better monitor customer health, mitigate churn, and increase up sell / cross sell opportunities

mobile app development company

Andrew M. Paul

Chief Operating Officer

With over 40 years’ experience, Andrew (Andy) Paul has been instrumental in leading software organizations through the cd rom revolution to the current internet/mobile app business environment.

He developed a strong background in database applications software including GIS based solutions for site location, market segmentation using both demographic and psychographic analytic tools, and direct marketing. <read more>

During his career, he has worked for divisions of Dun and Bradstreet Corporation and Claritas, Inc., delivering software solutions in an online, cd rom and internet environments, with a strong understanding of what it takes to make a product and deliver it to the market place, accurately and rapidly.

In 2001, Andy became a principal in Capitol Impact to provide political applications for tracking legislation and advocacy software for legislative issues. Over the next 16 years, Capitol Impact became a leader in Association Management Software(AMS), combining traditional membership and event management AMS tools with integrated political applications. His knowledge of the software market space enabled Capitol Impact to modularize their software, allowing them to sell specific modules to attach to other AMS solutions as well as provide the entire backbone to run all aspects of a state association.

Capitol Impact merged with Crescerance January 1, 2017, with Mr. Paul and his entire team joining the new company. Since the merger, the new company has implemented changes to enable the Capitol Impact applications to integrate with the Crescerance mobile platform, completing the cycle of delivering an AMS solution on a PC, tablet and phone. The Crescerance AMS solution can provide membership, event management and political applications, seamlessly on all user mediums. He is now turning his attention to increasing the sales and user functionality of this new combined environment.

Mr. Paul is a graduate of Union college with a degree in Economics. He received his Masters in Computer Science from Virginia Tech.


mobile app development company

global team

Crescerance employs an international team of educators, developers, designers, product and customer success
specialists. We all have a passion to change the world, one curious and engaged individual at a time.