10 Ideas to Help Principals Keep Their Teachers Motivated

August 1, 2015 by Crescerance

A positive school climate starts with the teachers, who set the tone for everyone. As you prepare for your first faculty meetings and students returning to school you want to make sure that they are motivated and ready to go from day one, but how do you keep teachers upbeat, focused and motivated throughout the entire academic year? Here is a list that may give principals some fresh ideas for encouraging their teachers.

1. Throw together “Teacher Survival Packs” for back-to-school, finals, or holiday times, stuffed with inexpensive knick-knacks and goodies.

2. Give verbal praise. This can be done in private, in a meeting setting or an informal group conversation. Just be sure to let them know that you recognize the great work that they are doing.

3. Say, “Thank you!” ALL YEAR LONG.  Let your teachers know you appreciate them all the time. Not just in May during Teacher Appreciation Week.

4.[tweet_box design=”default”] Give teachers the opportunity to showcase their student’s success, and credit success back to their teaching style.[/tweet_box] We have actually seen many schools use their school app as a mechanism of doing this effectively.

5. Ask for advice or suggestions and get teacher input whenever you can. Be sure to give them credit where it’s due.

6. Be friendly. Greet your staff when you see them. Ask how things are going. Treat everyone as if they are the most important member of your faculty. Show them you care.

7. Brag on your teachers! Recognize teachers and staff in an e-newsletter or other school communication. Communicate their achievements to your entire school community and even the district.  Social media and mobile are great places to share with everyone.

8. Create small fundraisers that raise funds for all-staff banquets, parties or other teacher appreciation initiatives. How about a $2 jean day?

9. Give awards and commendations such as a wall plaque or certificate.

10. Upgrade their technology when you can.

Keeping teachers and motivated is an important part of a principal’s job.  Do you have any other ideas that you would like to share with readers? Share in the comment section below!