STEM Education at a Living History Museum

May 31, 2016

Is it possible to present STEM education at a living history museum, a museum that re-creates life, culture and the peoples of more than 400 years ago? Located 80 miles…

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How Do We Teach 21st Century Students?

By: TJ Scholl from SEEN Magazine All students, regardless of where they live or their socioeconomic status and cultural backgrounds, are equally deserving and capable of responding to educational experiences and…

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This new embrAUX update makes for better end-user experience

May 27, 2016

The new embrAUX update allows users to easily navigate through their apps by adding a button to the HTML screen that links internal and external screens.   Follow these steps…

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Make your MAD-learn app more user-friendly with this new HTML feature

MAD-learn has made it easier for users to navigate their apps by using the “HTML with a button” screen template. It allows creators to seamlessly link screens within their app…

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Designing the Perfect Classroom

May 19, 2016

By: Megan A. Fagge and Robert A. Just from SEEN Magazine Children are impressionable and the experiences they have while in school will have a profound impact on their lives….

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May 13, 2016

Georgia School Board Association MEMBER ENGAGEMENT THROUGH MOBILE  ASSOCIATION BACKGROUND              The Georgia School Boards Association represents Georgia’s 180 elected boards of education. Their mission…

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How the Modern Classroom Influences Learning and Behavior

      What does a modern classroom look like? That depends on whom you are asking. Regardless of the differences in definitions, there seem to be some basic similarities…

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Students Compete in App Competition to Make the World a Better Place

May 11, 2016

On Tuesday May 10, 2016. MAD about Mattering, a global project that challenges teams of middle and high school students to develop apps that tackle social problems held the project’s…

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May 9, 2016

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Students Making Mobile Apps That Make a Difference – MAD About Mattering

May 3, 2016

Today’s generation of students are connected with technology more than any other generation. Inspiring this generation to use technology to resolve social problems is of the utmost importance. Did you…

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