3 Key Skills for Your Students to Develop in Today’s Technology World

August 29, 2016 by Crescerance

There are thousands of technology integrations to use in your classroom, so it’s important to keep students in mind when choosing the best implementation for your class. Our biggest goal here at MAD-learn is to empower students with hands-on 21st century learning so that they can learn useful skills to help them achieve great success in whatever they choose to do in the future. Whether you’re using MAD-learn in a core curriculum classroom or in a technology or computer science based class, there are three huge takeaways for students to help them succeed in today’s digital age.


We live in an App-centered world. From catching a ride to catching up with your friends, everything revolves around mobile apps these days, so understanding how they are built and how to make them is essential to success in the future. The best thing that students can learn in an app society is how to not just how to use apps, but also how to make and break them. Combining app development with entrepreneurship is a great way to begin teaching students the skills to succeed in future tech-centric careers. When the skills of entrepreneurship such as creativity or problem solving and thinking about the impact of what you can make on the world with your ideas come together with app development, students become the makers of change in the world. We have found that using mobile apps as an entry point to understanding the world of technology is very successful in a world that revolves around apps (the world that your students live in). You know that your students are addicted to Snapchat or Instagram. Imagine what could happen when you tell them they have the chance to create and launch their very own mobile app business?


An essential step to every great app is a great app design. When students are making their apps, they’re also learning how to build logos and color schemes and how to plan out and structure their apps in logical, easy-to-use ways. These skills are key to marketing and brand recognition, and can open doors for students to see that there’s so much more than engineering that goes into mobile app development. Exposure to design elements in a project such as building an app for your English Literature class may help certain students realize their love for the art and pixels of app design.

Computational Thinking

In order to become a great developer, you must learn to think like a developer. The best part about MAD-learn’s process is that students are able to master computational thinking skills without having to learn an entire new programming language at the same time. Focusing on just the coding aspects of computer science can be overwhelming at times and students could lose interest in learning more about careers that use computer science skills. MAD-learn helps students learn computational thinking skills through an intuitive application development program so they can build and launch their great app ideas. While students may not be learning Objective C or Java with MAD-learn, they are focusing on using critical thinking and problem-solving skills to create products that have real impact and real value. After using MAD-learn, students will be able to easily learn a programming language now that they have learned how to be confident even when facing complex issues.

Although he’s just 26, co-founder and CEO of Snapchat Evan Spiegel didn’t start out making the Forbes 400 list as the world’s youngest billionaire. Snapchat started out as just an idea between friends in college. It was the idea that sparked them to create an app that would change social media forever. Imagine what we can do as a society if we just gave students the tools to explore and express their amazing ideas in a manner that is not overwhelming and in environments that are supportive of their innovation.