8 Ways To Get Your Child Thinking About College Now

June 18, 2015 by Crescerance

It’s never too early to start preparing your child for college. It’s a great idea to start young by introducing them to college in very simplistic ways. Preschool and elementary age children may not be ready to learn about the admission process, SAT’s and scholarships, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expose their young brains with the idea of attending college.

Here are 8 ways to get your child thinking about college now.

1. Enroll your child in a college camp.  Most colleges have educational summer camps. Look at some of the local colleges and see if they have an age appropriate program for your child.

2. Find a college mentor program. Many college organizations mentor young kids as a part of community service efforts. If you are a teacher, consider inviting some of these student organizations to your classroom.

6. Take a trip to the campus food court. A simple and non-intimidating way for your child to get acclimated to campus life.

3. Read books about going to college. Mahalia Mouse Goes to College tells the story of a young mouse who accidentally attends a college lecture while searching for food scraps. The mouse becomes so enamored with learning that she ends up matriculating with the college students.

4. Attend college sporting events.  It’s not just about the game. There’s the band, the cheer squad, the student section, the chants and the overall experience is just exciting! Go grab some gear and get in the spirit! It’s a sure way to show your child how fun college can be.

5. Visit the campus museum. Many college and universities have museums that are open to the public showcasing the history of the school.

7. Shop at the campus bookstore.  The bookstore has more than college textbooks. They have everything from spirit gear, toys, snacks and souvenirs.  A fun spot on campus for kids to explore.

8. Take a walk around the campus. Take a personal tour. Look at the statues, waterfalls, and other cool structures that live on a college campus.

The key is to help your child understand that a college education is accessible for all children. Instead of lecturing your child, encourage them and don’t wait to start introducing the thought of college until they’re older. Start now, make it fun and set a comfortable path for your child to follow.