Community Engagement – Why Leveraging Mobile is Critical for Communication

April 27, 2016 by Crescerance

Leading schools and school districts are reinventing how they are communicating with key stakeholders in their school communities. Here’s their secret…use mobile applications to reach parents, students, teachers, and school administrators in real-time.

As mobile technology improves and speeds up our way of communicating, it makes sense that mobile applications are and will continue to be a critical channel of communication.

In fact, recent studies have found that approximately 90% of teens and adults in the United States own a cell phone, and over 64% of these cell phone owners have daily access to a smartphone. If these smartphone owners are anything like the general public, surfing the Internet, sending and receiving text messages, and using mobile apps are everyday occurrences.

So, why not reach your school community, where they are – straight to their smartphones?

Now, more than ever before, schools must look for creative ways to engage the school community through their mobile devices. With leading communication platforms like Crescerance’s Embr School and Embr District apps, schools across the country are reaching their school community in real-time, on all mobile devices, with one integrated platform.

Here are the top three reasons why taking communications to a mobile platform are essential for 21st century schools.

Key stakeholders are always on the go. Your school community is active now, more than ever! They expect to have key information sent to them, when they need to know, in a manner that is convenient for them. With the increasing number of smartphone users looking to stay connected with others, sending out information through a communication mobile app is the best way to get information in the hands of even the busiest parents and teachers.

Information changes faster than ever. When key information needs to be shared in an instant, using old ways of communicating are now obsolete. Your school community expects to have information in real-time, as it happens, straight to their mobile devices. Imagine if sharing a crisis announcement was done by calling each parent one by one, seems inefficient now, right? Well not too long ago, this was the only communication option. Taking advantage of technology and mobile application advancements means that your parents, students, teachers, and administrators stay connected and informed as important events happen.

Your school community is looking for a one-stop shop. Who has time, or energy to remember login and passwords for separate systems? With mobile apps like the Embr School App, a user can easily download the app and access information across different platforms, with no complicated logins needed. Now, information is truly accessible, always available at their fingertips and at their convenience.

What’s your top three reasons that mobile communication is the way to go? Share your thoughts with us here or on our Facebook page.

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