Introducing MAD-learn’s Design Process Update!

September 12, 2016 by Crescerance

We’ve got some exciting things going on at MAD-learn that are coming your way! Our program will look just a little different when you login next time. We’re updating our app design process to make the process much more streamlined and user friendly. Here’s a sneak peek into what you’ll see!

Improving Your Overall App Creation Experience, Step-by-Step

We’ve revamped our app creation process to make it more streamlined and less complicated. The Details, Design, and Content stages have been separated to create a more intuitive  experience during the app creation process. Students can go step-by-step through the process with guidelines at every stage so that they learn the various parts, segments, and components of the app that they are building.

  • Details: The details step is where students will create descriptions and tags for their app. This is also where students can add collaborators to their app.
  • Design: In the design phase, students can choose a Theme for their app, edit or upload Images and custom logos for their screens,, and choose the Layout that they want for the home screen of their app.
  • Content: The content section should look very similar to what you have already seen with MAD-learn., This is where the content and functional  screens are added so students can create intuitive apps with creative content.

If students need to go back and edit a step, it’s a simple click of a button. With this update, students are able to fully understand and focus on each part of the app creation process.

Image Upload Made Easy 

An improved way to upload images! No more zip folders that complicates the process. All students need to do now is upload their custom designs with the correct aspect ratio for 6 image types (Splash Screen, Home Screen, Inner Screen, Side Drawer, Logo, and App Icon. The system will then size their images to work across a multitude of devices – automatically! Students can now spend less time on sizing and zipping images, and more time on learning how to create appealing and intuitive images and designs – a key skill that app developers and appreneurs develop when launching their mobile apps. Simply click and upload custom images sized for your app on the bottom right hand side to give a personal touch to your screens!

Add Icons to Your Home Screen

You now have the ability to add an icon to each of your home screen buttons (if you choose!) The new update now includes a gallery of System Icons for you to pick and add to your home screen. Your app’s home screen can now be more customized than ever.

Stay tuned for more MAD-learn app creation updates coming later this fall!

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