Introducing the MAD-store – Where Students’ Mobile Apps Come to Life!

April 18, 2016 by Crescerance

With over 58% of teens using mobile apps everyday, it is no wonder that MAD-learn has become one of the most popular mobile app development programs in the Nation. At Crescerance, we’re empowering students, as young as the third grade, to become creators of technology and not just technology consumers. Our newly released MAD-store is a great reminder of the cool and innovative mobile apps students can develop from scratch, using the MAD-learn full programming curriculum.

Launched in February 2016, the MAD-store’s goal is to provide a web and mobile app interface for students and teachers to test, share, and use student-created mobile apps.

To be hosted on the MAD-store, student-designed apps must meet important technology requirements, including:

  • At least 9 completed screens with pictures and/or content that are accessible by linked buttons;
  • An app name, full description, and appropriate tags identified;
  • No copyright violations, offensive pictures, content, or themes; and
  • A custom design for the splash screen and the app icon.

As students build their mobile apps, they can upload and preview their work in progress using the MAD-store. When uploaded, each app is given a unique app preview code. Using the app preview code, visitors to the MAD-store can try out any app using a computer, or on their mobile device with the MAD-store app. Now, students can instantly showcase their apps without the hassle of submitting their app to iTunes or the Google Play Store for listing approval. Even better, apps can be liked, shared, and comments can be posted to help improve the look and feel of the app.

Check out the action in the MAD-store with these top three favorite student- and teacher-designed apps.




How to Cook

Designed by students at Greene County Public School, this app is great for the novice and experienced chef. With a wide range of breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipe options to choose from, app users can elect to watch a live demonstration for each dish or simply read the text recipe.



Superhero Wiki_iphone5c_blue_portrait




Superhero Wiki

For the superhero aficionados, this app is exactly what they have been waiting for. With over a dozen superhero bios included within this app, Superhero Wiki is a go-to app to refresh your knowledge of all things DC or Marvel comic-related. Carefully designed and programmed by Flowery Branch High School students, this app has gained quick popularity on the MAD-store, with over 30 likes and 26 shares.



French Teacher_iphone5c_blue_portrait




French Teacher

Created by a MAD-educator, this worldly app hailing from the Trinity Atlanta school, is a perfect mobile resource to brush up on your french skills. With the top 10 French destinations, common French phrases, and a crash course on French history, the French Teacher mobile app is great for those planning a trip to France.





Visit the MAD-store today and let us know which student mobile app is your favorite. Share your favorite MAD-store apps with us on our Facebook page!