Lakeview Academy MAD-scouts Win 2nd Place with their Yotopia App!

December 11, 2014 by Crescerance

Lakeview’s Robotics Team performed well at this years 2014 Northeast Georgia First Lego League Qualifier, hosted at Athens Academy. They were awarded the 2nd Place “Champions Award” for embracing gracious professionalism while achieving excellence and innovation in both the robot game and project. They will be advancing to the super regional competition in January. These students are very excited to have their newly published “Yotopia” app available on iTunes to assist them in their project presentation!

The goals of the competition were to:
1. Choose a topic that you are passionate about or always wanted to learn.
2. Create an innovative solution that improves the learning experience.
3. Share our solution with others.

The Robotics Team’s “Yotopia” project is a competitive group project centered around yo-yo-ing and the students have used Crescerance’s MAD-learn platform to organize their very own video content that explains a yo-yo’s relevance to math and physics. The app has guides for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users to learn tricks such as “Walking The Dog” and “Cold Fusion.”

Other sections of the Yotopia app cover topics such as mathematics, verbiage, and physics. Physics is our favorite because it discusses where the force of a yo-yo comes from and where it is absorbed.

To learn more about the app, download Yotopia.
To learn more about MAD-learn, fill out our contact form.

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