Mobile App Development Can Be Taught in Any Classroom

March 24, 2016 by Crescerance

Did you know that… Only 8% of teachers integrate technology into the classroom, giving students limited opportunities to use technology hands-on?

Now, why is that? A recent survey conducted by the Early Childhood Technology Collaborative found that 61% of teachers and 56% of administrators attribute the limited use of technology in the classroom to issues with full implementation or installation. With limited resources, implementation and installation can be a huge difficulty, and is always a HUGE concern for schools looking to innovate learning with new technology initiatives.  

Implementing new technology goes well beyond installation. It’s making sure teachers are properly trained not only on how to use the technology, but how to actually use it to teach and implement into their everyday lessons. We make it a mission to help our clients through the entire implementation phase and beyond. Our MAD-learn customer success team is comprised of former educators who assist with implementation, including professional development tailored to the needs of your classroom(s).

Mobile app development can be seamlessly integrated into everyday classroom lessons in any content area to give students of all ages exposure to programming even without an extensive IT background! In fact, that’s our mission, here at Crescerance. With our MAD-learn program, we’re making app development easy to use and implement. We’ve seen schools have great success from high school all the way down to the 3rd grade!

Whether it’s implemented into core content areas to differentiate learning, or as a part of your STEM program, MAD-learn is enabling schools across the country to turn their students into creators of technology by teaching kids to create mobile apps like the ones you see below.






Shark Anatomy – Shark Anatomy is essentially a demonstration of a students knowledge about the anatomy of a shark. It includes facts, videos, images about sharks, a comparison of a shark’s anatomy to a human’s, and a quiz to test app users on their knowledge. Use preview code 385-554-499 to check it out in the MAD-store.








 Math Master – Math Master is a demonstration of a students knowledge of basic math.  Gives example math problems with step by step instructions on how to solve them. Use preview code 152-029-124 to check it out in the MAD-store.









Rainbow Loom -This student made app was created by a 5th grader in 2014 to teach people how to design with popular crafting toy, Rainbow Loom.   It now has over 200,000 downloads in the app store! Click here to see this app in the MAD-store.







Drone Zone –  This student made app is an informative app about drones including news, no fly zones and more!  These students were winners of the student shark tank at the 2015 EdTech Developers Tour. Click here to see this app in the MAD-store.