When To Use Your School’s Mobile App

April 28, 2017 by Crescerance

Your school’s mobile app is your go-to resource for fostering communication between parents and teachers, teachers and students, and school leaders to everyone. Because of this, there are limitless possibilities of when to use your mobile app, especially when you customize the features and functionalities based on your school’s specific needs. In this article, we are highlighting five great times when your school app will come in extra handy.

At the Beginning & the End of a New School Year
We know how much work goes into preparing for the new school year as well as how busy the month of May can be for students, parents and teachers. Things can get a little chaotic during these times, but your school’s mobile app can help you manage the chaos by organizing and housing important information for the school year. Then, parents, teachers and school administrators are all on the same page about important dates and events which eliminates confusion and unnecessary frustration. For example, the embrCal feature is a calendar of events that can be updated with school holidays, testing schedules, planned conferences, extracurricular activities, among others. It can be updated throughout the year as events change around or new ones arise. Specifically, as the school year closes you want parents to be aware of important awards, field day and the most important Last Day of School!

In Real Time
Things happen. That snow day that just popped up definitely wasn’t planned and now you have to notify everyone about the cancellation. No problem, your school app can alert everyone who needs to know in an instant. Or, let’s say there’s a rain out and the tennis match is canceled, the tennis coach can instantly notify your students’ parents to let them know. With real-time push notifications, everyone will be in the loop with a click of a button.

On an As-Needed Basis
Mobile app features like embrNews are enabled to help you stay on the same page with your parents. When you have a need to share news pertinent to your school, look no further than your mobile app. Just upload the news with a click of a button and all your parents will have access to the goings-on at your school. embrSafe is another feature enabled to help you manage and notify of school crises if and when they occur. These features are designed to give your parents and other stakeholders the confidence that they will never miss important communication when it comes up.

At Test Time
Through your school mobile app, you can ensure that your students’ parents will be in the know about their child’s academic success. Teachers can post grades and test scores as well as homework assignments to the mobile app giving parents up-to-date information about their child’s performance at school.

When You Want to Make Improvements
Your school mobile app is a great tool to aid in building a better experience for your school’s stakeholders. It can be used to gather feedback, thoughts and opinions through polls, focus groups and surveys to make impactful changes within your school. This type of participation from your school community will create a more engaged learning environment for your students and a more productive teaching environment for your teachers!

These are just a few examples of when schools can benefit from a mobile app. Every school and school district has unique needs so don’t hesitate to contact us to learn how we can help you foster better teamwork and improve communication within your school or school district.

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