Why Branding is Key to the Success of Your School’s Mobile App

March 13, 2017 by Crescerance

Think about this question for a minute: How do you differentiate your school from another school?

You may be thinking about your school’s colors, your logo, and your mascot. These are the visual cues that give your school an identity, and in turn, creates pride among your students. For many students, school spirit provides a strong connection to their place of learning and the people in it. Just ask your students what school spirit means to them, and you may get some responses like: “Having pride in my work, or athletics” and “It’s being proud to represent our school and the values it stands for.”

Here at Creserance, we have found that integrating your visual identity into your school’s mobile app fosters community among app users leading to higher engagement and enthusiasm for the information you are sharing within the app. That’s why in every app we produce for a school, we tailor the design to your school’s brand.

We are a partner in the app’s creation with you from start to finish not only by working with you to improve communication and promote teamwork through the app’s features and functionality, but also by focusing on how the visual component of your school’s app can create engagement and foster community, for your users. We use your school colors, school logo, school photos, pictures of classroom activities and customized app icons in the design process. All of these elements together extend your school’s identity into the mobile world.

Branding is a powerful tool that can offer more opportunities than you may have imagined from the get-go. It gives students, faculty and school leaders a sense of pride and camaraderie. For example, your school has a different vibe on those ‘school spirit’ days, doesn’t it. Now, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could remind all your students to wear school colors or T-shirts for that on site visit from the superintendent tomorrow, perfect photo opportunity, right? The opportunities are not only limited to the app itself, but how you leverage it as a communication tool. Branding your school’s mobile app creates a community that your stakeholders will want to continue to connect with and be a part of, throughout their early education career.

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