Students are Making #appsthatmatter: MAD about Mattering Begins January 2017

December 13, 2016

The amount of time your students are spending using different apps on their phone can add up to a full time job. What if they started learning the skills to…

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3 Key Skills for Your Students to Develop in Today’s Technology World

August 29, 2016

There are thousands of technology integrations to use in your classroom, so it’s important to keep students in mind when choosing the best implementation for your class. Our biggest goal…

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Integrating EdTech After ISTE

July 25, 2016

Playgrounds, exhibit halls, presentations, oh my! ‘Tis the season for summer conferences, and coming home with what seems like 3 suitcases full of new material to bring into the classroom….

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4 Ways to Prepare Your School For MAD-learn This Upcoming School Year

June 30, 2016

While summer is a time for vacations, relaxing and re-energizing, it’s never too early to start preparing for the upcoming school year. We’ve outline 4 tips to help you prepare…

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We’re MAD about ISTE! Come meet us there…

June 24, 2016

Crescerance will be attending ISTE 2016 this upcoming June 26- 29. ISTE is the premier education conference with 500 companies and 1,000 sessions covering innovative technologies and groundbreaking ideas that…

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5 Reasons Blended Learning Has Proved Successful

June 9, 2016

Blended learning is the combination of different learning techniques. Commonly referring to the use of eLearning to compliment the standard education model offering a broad scale of benefits like self-paced…

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10 Can’t Miss Education Conferences Happening This Summer

June 3, 2016

  Summer is upon us and in between a little sea and sun many educators take the summer season as opportunity for personal development.  Professional Development is found to be…

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STEM Education at a Living History Museum

May 31, 2016

Is it possible to present STEM education at a living history museum, a museum that re-creates life, culture and the peoples of more than 400 years ago? Located 80 miles…

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Make your MAD-learn app more user-friendly with this new HTML feature

May 27, 2016

MAD-learn has made it easier for users to navigate their apps by using the “HTML with a button” screen template. It allows creators to seamlessly link screens within their app…

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How the Modern Classroom Influences Learning and Behavior

May 13, 2016

      What does a modern classroom look like? That depends on whom you are asking. Regardless of the differences in definitions, there seem to be some basic similarities…

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